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OctaWave - Portable ADAT 8 Channel Audio Converter

OctaWave - Portable ADAT 8 Channel Audio Converter

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Pocket ADAT to 8 channel 3.5mm TS DAC

Ableton Push 3 compatibility info

The OctaWave is compatible with the ADAT output of Ableton Push 3 and can be used to extend the Audio Outputs by 8 channels (think of separate outs for. your tracks and more) and/or add more Eurorack CV Outs.


  • ADAT Lightpipe Input (Optical)
  • USB Type-C for Power Supply (with power filtering)
  • 24-bit Audio at 44/48kHz
  • Low-jitter (< 1.3ns) PLL
  • -120dB* noise floor
  • 112dB* Dynamic Range
  • DC-coupled outputs with 6V Peak-to-Peak** (+/- 3.06V) suitable for CV Output
  • Linear Frequency Response (0.1dB non-linearity typical)
  • 8x 3.5mm Jacks (mono, mechanically stereo for more stability) with 2.1V RMS output level, DC-coupled, suited for Eurorack control signals and high-quality audio
  • Low-power (100-120mA @ 5V)

* The actual dynamic range and noise floor depends on the quality of the USB-C power supply etc.

** If you are using the OctaWave Scale4 module, you will get a full and precise +/- 10V range, which works perfectly with VCV Rack etc.

Package contents

1x OctaWave
1x USB Type-A to USB Type-C Cable **
1x TOSLink Optical Cable **

** not included in the Bulk packaging version.

User Manual


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