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PicoADK - Audio Development Kit

PicoADK - Audio Development Kit

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The PicoADK is a RP2040 based Audio Development Board, which allows you to build your own digital oscillators, synthesizers, noise boxes and experiment around. It has all the base features of the Raspberry Pico, plus a high quality Audio Output, 8 Analog Inputs for connecting potentiometers, control voltage from eurorack systems or even additional input signals.

Even though it is very small, it is capable of synthesizing and outputting a very high quality sound output. Thanks to the Vult DSP language you can even create digital filters, waveshapers, oscillators and even complete synthesizers!

Build your own synthesizer using C or Vult (and MicroPython in Beta-testing)

  • RP2040 Dual Core Cortex M0+ running at up to 400MHz (overclocked)
  • USB Type-C connector (Host & Device Mode)
  • 2MB Flash for Firmware and Data (4MB on v1.1b)
  • 8 channel 12-bit ADC with up to 1MS/s, with selectable 3.3V range (on-board low-noise power supply) or range up to 5V via external VREF
  • High Quality Audio DAC on board

Note: the current PCBs are green. The other items on the photo are not part of the sale.

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